Former visitors' comments:

A notice board with regular feedback from visitors to the house.

From a student group visit, September 2011:

On behalf of the staff and students in the FM+P Studio at the University of Portsmouth School of Architecture, I would like to thank you very much for arranging access to Can Lis for us.

On arrival at Can Lis, our students were divided into small groups, each allocated to study one of the pavilions.

This included the preparation of sketch plans, sections/elevations and 3D views of both internal and external spaces.

At the end of the day we held an informal open air review on the south-facing terrace where each group presented what they had learned of the building through their observations, studies and drawings.

These presentations stimulated discussions about Utzon's design methods, particularly in the development of the design during construction.

Other issues discussed included the appropriateness of the large hidden framed fixed glazed openings, the different levels of structural and constructional expression evident throughout the villa and the use of external spaces as primary circulation in a family house.

It was a very successful day. Both staff and students learned a great deal from the visit.

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Kind regards

Architect & Senior Lecturer
Postgraduate Centre
Portsmouth School of Architecture