Visit - other than working residence programmes

It is possible in 2017 for architects with interested in Can Lis to rent Can Lis for a week from week 28 to week 32 and week 39 to week 42.
The lease is from Saturday at 16:00 till next Saturday at 10:00 am. The price for a week is Euro 2,000.
If you are interested please contact us on our email address:  Info@Canlis.dk.
The chosen ones will be notified in early March. We reserve the right to choose between submittedinterested.

In addition to the longer-term working stays on offer, the Utzon Foundation intends to make Can Lis available for public use. 

The Utzon Foundation wishes to provide access to the house for the following purposes during the periods mentioned above, in order of priority:


  • Students who, as a part of their studies, wish to visit the house, undertake a survey or in some other way have a specific assignment relating to Can Lis. After applying, they can 'borrow' the house for a maximum of 5 days. The group should not consist of more than 15 people and residence excludes the hours of 8am and 10pm. Application for study visit

  • A number of days in 2017, the house is open to visitors typically between 12am and 4pm. A statement of interest must be submitted. The number of visitors will be limited on a "first come, first served" basis.The following days are current in 2017: 3th June, 1th July, 13th August, 17th Septemberand 21th October.

  • For a smaller project which can be completed within a week, it will be possible to forward a short application with a statement. The board will make a decision on whether such a request can be accommodated. Successful applications will need to be exceptional and only projects that have a clear connection to the goals of the Utzon Foundation - namely to promote knowledge and understanding of Jørn Utzon's philosophy and architecture - will be accepted.

  • Provided there are vacant periods remaining, these will be available for rent on a weekly basis for architects. Those interested are asked to send an enquiry to the Utzon Foundation. The Foundation charges a rental fee for these stays, which goes towards maintenance of the house. Such stays will be allocated at relatively short notice.