Can Lis was built as a private home for Lis and Jørn Utzon and their son Kim, who was at the time still living at home. The house was designed to meet specific requirements and routines and neither its dimensions nor its layout are suited to a large number of visitors. For example, the provision for sleeping in the house comprises only the beds for its three original inhabitants.

In connection with the restoration of autumn 2011, the Utzon Foundation sought to update home comforts a little, with proper consideration for the spirit of the house. This has meant that the house is now habitable throughout the entire year.

During colder months however, a stay at the house can be both cold and damp. The house faces the sea, with a more than 20-metre drop. For this reason we do not recommend bringing small children to stay at the house.

It is generally expected that visitors will respect the special character of the house, and some instructions have been drawn up with regard to treating Can Lis with care and preserving the place as much as possible. Instructions can be provided for those considering applying for a residential stay.