After the Utzon Foundation took over the house in 2011, it underwent extensive renovation in order to prepare the place for an increased number of visitors.

It is the wish of the Utzon Foundation that the wholly unique characteristics of the house be experienced by as many as possible, but in a controlled way. This means that access is only given to a limited number of people at a time.

9 months of the year, the house is reserved for longer working stays (see Residencies) for architects, artists or others working with architectural expression.

These residencies are allocated after application to the Danish Arts Foundation. After the residencies have been allocated, it is the Utzon Foundation that co-ordinates the practical aspects of a visit.

Visits and shorter stays by architecture students and so forth (see Other visitors) are offered the remaining three month of the year and are administered by the Utzon Foundation.

Should there be available weeks when the house is not being used, it may be rented out to architects. Please email the Utzon Foundation if you are interested. Rental fees are charged solely for the maintenance and upkeep of the house.