Jørn Utzon's other house on Majorca, Can Feliz, is located in the mountains a little further inland, but still in the same south-east corner of the island.

Can Feliz is characterised by terraced, horizontal planes that provide captivating views of the contrasting pine-covered slopes surrounding the property.

The central part of the house includes kitchen, dining and living areas grouped around an open terrace. On the next level there is an outside kitchen, courtyard and yet another paved terrace, as well as a pool. Sleeping areas are situated to one side of the house, the entrance on the other. Separate levels, full of light, are dedicated to living and working areas which enjoy grand views from picture windows.

Like Can Lis, Can Feliz was built by local craftspeople using tiles, concrete and the sandstone that is typical of the area. The building contractor at Can Feliz is also responsible for the restoration of Can Lis.

Can Feliz was built in 1994.

Can Feliz is a private property and there is no access to the house.